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  • Nars Satin Lip Pencils–Got any?

    September 30 / 0 Comments


    indexWhile its about that time to ditch our summer lippies and get into the“look of fall”, which is a bit more moody and darker hued– I ask you all one question: Have you made the transition yet?

    About 6 months ago NARS came out with their highly-anticipated Satin Lip Pencils that are stunningly gorgeous; and better yet, in a huge array of colors that you are bound to find one or three that you love, and that would look exceptional on you.  Yes, you!!

    I have come to love many of the colors for my light-medium skin tone, however, I find the darker skinned ladies (medium-dark, and darker) look even better in the darker, reddish colors that are perfect for this season.

    The red satins are perfect for fall, and can be mixed together to create the perfect 'berry pout'

    The red satins are perfect for fall (Luxembourg and Majella are my fav’s) and can be mixed together to create the perfect ‘berry pout’

    The perfect reddish-berry color that looks good on everyone!

    The perfect reddish-berry color that looks good on everyone!



    I hope you all take my advice and go to Sephora or any NARS counter and try out one of these lip pencils if you haven’t already.  You may hate me because you will end up wanting to buy ‘em all, or you may just love me because these are what were missing in your collection!  Let me know;)




  • My New Love: The Oil Cleansing Method

    April 2 / 0 Comments

    So last week I started breaking out pretty badly. Like, two pimples on my cheek and one in the middle of my forehead breaking out. Ugh, so annoying! My skin definitely seemed  unbalanced and just bleh! I was getting pretty oily in my t-zone (which doesn’t happen often) and my cheeks were feeling really dry…just not the norm for me.

    I decided I needed a more nourishing and hydrating; yet purifying facial cleanser.  Hmm… I couldn’t think of one single product off hand.  And anyone who knows me knows I do lots of research on new skin care and make-up in the industry, and will try anything once if the reviews are good enough;)  

    I was this close to buying the Laura Mercier Oil Cleanser online ,when I looked at the ingredient list and saw that every single ingredient listed was readily available to me  at  Whole Foods. Yay! So,   I looked up some recipes, and found some really fabulous bloggers who explained their story and how the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) has changed their skin condition for the better.   It all sounded really great, so I decided to buy a few oils that was appropriate for my combination to dry skin,  and make my own bottle!

    What I learned on my OCM discovery is:

    People..They WORK!!


    How you ask?

    Well, the benefits of good healthy oils, such as: olive oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and castor oil for your skin is tremendous. They are packed with wonderfully essential fatty acids which makes your skin look more nourished and supple, and their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties help heal acne, as well as nourish, dry and flaky/irritated skin.

    These oils break down and dissolve the dirty grimy oil (yuck!) that builds on your skin throughout the day. This is basic chemistry fact: “Like attracts Like”.  Even the waxiest of makeup (and most stubborn mascara) is gently cleansed away in one fell swoop! The result is that you are left with a make-up”less”, soft, nourished, and balanced skin.   My skin hasn’t felt this smooth in months, and my pimples are finally healing and hopefully gone for good.

     The good thing about this OCM is that all skin types can use it with success; however,  you need to research which oils are the best for your skin type (oily, dry, combination) if you plan on making your own. 


    The Oil-Cleansing Ratio

    The ratio of the oils you need will depend on your skin type, but basically you mix 70-80%  carrier oil (ex’s: olive oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed) with 20-30% Castor Oil.   Castor oil is naturally astringent, so it pulls impurities out of the skin.  Someone with oily skin would add  *more* castor oil then someone with dry skin. 

    This ratio can also be changed around and customized to your skins needs at any given time.   


    Here is the recipe I used (and I love it!):

    2/3 Grapeseed Oil, 2/3 Sweet Almond Oil, 1/3 Castor Oil

    I also added a few drops of eucalyptus and lemon for a natural, fresh aroma (optional)


    What I do, and was directed to do is massage the oil into my skin and eyes for a good 1-2 minutes- getting the circulation flowing, and also trying to remove all my eye makeup. I then remove the oil with a hot washcloth, which I place on my face for a minute or so,  until the washcloth is cool. 

    You could then use a light weight serum or moisturizer afterwards, but your skin will feel so soft that you will not even think you need it.  I always moisturize though;)

    I hope this reaches someone out there that wants to try the OCM, because I am telling you  that its amazing.  Just be sure to know that it may take a good week for your skin to become use to this method, and that if you have bad acne you may  seem some “purging” or break outs…but keep going at it, I assure you this phase will end and you will be left with even clearer, more even skin.

    Thanks for stopping by, and if you have tried oil cleansing please share your experience below!





  • Does food affect your skin?

    January 15 / 0 Comments

    The skin is the largest organ of the entire body, and therefore many environmental factors affect it on a daily basis.  One of the factors is the food we eat.

    Skin is built from the inside out.  So, it is not false to say that your diet plays a large role in the way our skin looks.  Yes, your diet also keeps your body slim and healthy, but its impact does not stop there.  Antioxidants found in fruits and veggies tend to help fight or combat wrinkles, where as healthy fats found in fish tend to be more hydrating to the skin.   Is your way of “noshing” making your skin look better or worse over time?

    The best foods for your skin are those found in fresh produce, whole grains, fruits,  vegetables, and olive oil.  The reason why is because the antioxidants, which are high in vitamins  C, E, A and selenium, which is a mineral that helps safeguard the skin from sun-damage.  These vitamins all help to delay the aging process by protecting your skin’s quality and elasticity. 

    Foods high in Vitamin C, to name a few, are: peppers, citrus fruit (grapefruit, oranges, lemons, papaya, mango), peas, potatoes, squash, blackberries, raspberries, white potato, and mustard greens. It is important to replenish your skin’s  Vit. C stores in order to protect your skin from free radical damage, hence, skin’s collagen production is not depleted as quickly, so your skin will stay firmer and smoother longer.


    Some foods high in Vitamin E, are: almonds and peanuts, almond butter and peanut butter, (other nuts/seeds, etc..), spinach, dandelion greens, avocados, broccoli, canola, and olive oil.  Vitamin E is crucial in helping to protect cell membranes, and guard against UV damage.  Some research also suggests that eating these foods,  with Vitamin C foods can give an extra boost of anti-aging skin protection as well.

    Foods high in Vitamin A, or Beta Carotene, are: carrots, sweet potatoes, greens, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, cantaloupe,  and peppers, to name a few.  Beta Carotene is converted to Vit. A in the body when eaten to aid in the growth and repair of body tissues.  These foods help to increase oxygen in your cells, therefore, keeping your skin looking more rejuvenated and brighter.

    Some foods high in Selenium (a mineral) are: tuna, nuts (particularly Brazil nuts), fish, oysters, crab, brown rice, whole wheat bread, wheat germ, skinless chicken, turkey, and eggs.  These foods are proven to help prevent skin cancer since it safeguards the skin from sun-damage.  Selenium is highly critical in the skin renewal process, and really helps to keep your skin hydrated, which means = less wrinkles!



    Since I only discussed healthy food that is high in these vitamins, that make your skin look great, I thought I’d also mention processed foods,  and how they also have an affect on the skin. 



    We all know that when we are drinking too much caffeine, eating junk food, and not making an effort to eat whole foods (like the ones I mentioned above), our skin could look dull, dry, and our overall appearance could look “haggard” and “worn out”.

    imagesWhen you really want to look youthful and healthy!


    This is because processed foods do not contain live, raw ingredients which help speed digestion, giving us more energy from our food.  Processed food contain more toxins/fillers, and altogether less vital nutrients, which breaks down our skin’s collagen and elasticity.  When we have more energy from natural or whole foods,  our skin tends to look healthier,  because we feel more vibrant and healthy, right?

    Just some food for thought**  I know going from Lindsay Lohan to supermodel, Giselle Bundchen,  is a bit far fetched, but I just wanted to show someone who is clearly not eating healthy (and not living a healthy lifestyle)  to someone who is.  Enjoying processed foods from time to time is also fine, as long as you are getting your main nutrients from whole foods.

    Hope this helps everyone want to eat a little bit healthier in order for your skin to age well, and to feel healthier and more energetic in your daily lives. 

    Thanks for stopping by!!

    x, Les


  • How to keep your skin happy when the weather gets cold!

    November 5 / 0 Comments

    This is the time when your skin regimen needs a little bit of  “tweaking”.  For a lot of you out there, this time of year is confusing. Not only do you need to start pulling out your winter coats, scarves, and right shoes; but you also need to focus on balancing your skin so it continues to look fresh.

    Constant weather changes make being comfortable a bit of a challenge, and that is why one must think ahead and plan for the future, right?.  Well, I know I don’t always “think ahead”, and  I know a lot of you don’t either, which is why I wanted to share 4 useful tips  that can help you transition your skincare regimen into what it needs right now before any harm is done.

    #1 Exfoliate Regularly

    This always something I preach to friends, family, and clients…Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!  Not only does exfoliating  help get rid of dead skin cells that clog pores and create a dull complexion, but mainly it helps to brighten by evening out your skin tone, and keeping it smooth and toned looking.   This helps create a really nice even base for your make-up to sit on.

    Opt for a gentle but effective formula that will leave your complexion looking healthy. Even just gently going over your face with a damp washcloth after you cleanse can help remove dead skin.

    #2 Don’t Skip The Sunscreen

    Even though the sun may not be shining as brightly as it was in June does not mean you should put your sunscreen away until next summer. You may not be lounging outside so much, or sitting by the pool, but applying a good sunblock everyday is still a complexion must!  Look for a sunscreen that offers both UVA and UVB protection (a.k.a “broad spectrum”) with an SPF of at least 20.  Using a good BB cream is a great way to combine your sunblock, moisturizer, and makeup in 1!

    Dr. Jart makes the best BB creams. Sold at Sephora.

    #3 Moisturize Effectively

    If you are like me, and your skin tends to get drier in the winter months, you should then switch to a heavier moisturizer to help combat the effects of the wind and dry, cool air. It is also very beneficial to add a hydrating serum first underneath the moisturizer to further lock in moisture.   Also, don’t forget about hands and lips- both areas tend to dry out a lot more once the weather drops. 

    This is my HG hydrating serum, by Skinceuticals. It works wonders on all skin types, and is so nourishing. Love it!

    Great no frills hand cream, and lasts for ages

    #4 Stay Hydrated

    I know that sipping on a cold drink does not always seem appealing in the cold weather, but drinking coffee and tea all day is definitely not going to make your skin look more fresh.  Do your best to drink water throughout the day because it truly does make a huge difference in your skins moisture levels. It also helps immensely with your energy level as well…Double Plus!  Drink up!

    My favorite water.


  • Street Style <3 Fall/Winter 2012

    October 5 / 0 Comments

    I have been a little too busy these days to look through a bunch of fashion mag’s like I usually do every month to catch up on fashion, make-up, etc..  I already have all the make-up I need, although that’s never entirely true.   Just today I said to myself  that  I needed to go to Sephora this weekend to pick up an eyeshadow I’ve been thinking about since I finished mine years ago (color: Diamond Lil by Stila)  if you really wanted to know.

    BUT what I need  to do is focus on finding some key pieces  that would help modernize my  majorly ‘lacking’ wardrobe right now.   I’m thinking: chunky sweaters and cardigans, cinch belts,  an oversize army coat,  black leather leggings/pants, printed silk button up blouses, long skirts, lots of yummy cashmere..  Yea, you got the drift.

    I can basically go on forever with this list, which is why I need to narrow it down.  From browsing many of my favorite street style blogs,  I was able to choice some of my favorite trends for this upcoming season.


    The past 2 years that I have been working for NARS and Chanel, I have had to wear ALL black to work.  I really enjoyed it at the beginning, and yes, it is so easy dress in the morning, but I am so ready to wear some color this year. The colors I am looking forward to wear are:  burgundy, brown, oatmeal, rose, navy….really, I want to wear it all!

    Army Coat

    I never really got into the whole military chic thing,  even though I like it.  I like how you could either dress an army coat up or down; by glamming it up with a cute skirt and heels or casually wearing it will denim or black leggings with an over-size tee.  I like.

    Black Leather

    I love how leather in general can transform an outfit into something that looks sleek and polished, especially leather pants, which is why I am looking for those awesome leather leggings,  or pants that mold to your body (in a flattering way), that you can throw on  all the time to add that  “cool” factor.    I think Lauren Conrad does it the best.


    I do not think one can ever have too many blouses, for they are effortless and classic , and will never go out of style.  Which is why I want to get lots more!



    Lastly, I am definitely due for a new belt.  I have my share of vintage belts and love to find cool ones on eBay, but have not had a chance lately (since I had a baby last month)…

    I do, however think belts are very helpful in making you look more “put together”, especially if you are into over sized blouses/ tops, which can sometimes make you look bigger than you are.  This is why I love the belt, thin or thick..  it just makes you look thinner;)

    Thank you for stopping by,  and please feel free to let me know what trends you are going for this fall and winter.  I need all the help I can get!



  • Get ready to FALL into some new colors in 2012

    August 19 / 0 Comments
    Rosy cheeks with nude eyes, and a bright lip is fresh and so youthful!


    Although summer is still here, and I am still following my easy breezy  makeup routine that consists of: bronzer, lipgloss, and mascara,  I am definitely getting that itch for fall, and the beautiful colors that come with it.  I mean, don’t go shelving your bronzer just yet (or ever!) -  BUT… do have fun experimenting with some warmer eye and lip colors that will help you transition into a this new cooler season (yea!!)

    Fall Makeup Trend # 1:  Berry Lips

    Lips that scream “very berry” is always a must in the fall.  Don’t shy away, there is a color for everyone, I promise.   Choose a plum, aubergine, or  berry-red lipstick,  or gloss for luscious lips; and try a matte finish if you’re in search for the perfect stained look.

    A classic stand-by, always, Chanel’s glossimer in Spark. I have already started wearing this lately, just a nice light reddish gloss with gold flex in it. So pretty on everyone, with lots of bronzer. I’s flirty and sophisticated.

    Blackberry, bordeaux-kissed, wine colored shades makes you look more polished and put together with out having to wear any other make-up. I love it.

    Beautiful purple tinged berry color on Megan Fox’s lips. Really sexy, but with an edge. Looks good with lots of mascara and a nude/mauvy colored blush.












    Fall Makeup Trend # 2:  Soft and Diffused Daytime Smoky Eyes
    There is no limit to how smoky you can make your eyes “at night”  or,  when you are dressed to the T’s for a special occasion of some sort… BUT,  during the day is another story…  You can surely tone down smoky eyes so that you look daytime appropriate, and a bit sexy too.

    The quickest and simplest way to create this look is to break out your eyeliner- and nothing else.  Apply the liner liberally, and keep it close to the lash line.  Take a small eyeshadow brush and smudge the liner so it looks smudgy and smoky.

    At night, you could even add a bit of a coppery/bronzy brown eyeshadow on the brush first and then apply it on top of the liner, to give a little more drama to those sexy eyes!

    From the Burberry fall 2012 makeup collection. To create this look, use a dark brown pencil and add coppery color to diffuse the liner. This creates this relaxed smoky look that can easily be amped up for nighttime. Just add a lipstain in blood red color, or a cinnamon color.  Rawrrrr!!!

    Fall Makeup Trend # 3: Rosy Cheeks

    This always seems to be one of the main beauty trends come fall.

    Why, you ask?  Because flushed  cheeks makes you look alive and oh so healthy (think, sex ;) …ding ding ding!)   It is a very simple look to achieve, because in order to make this look work, you needn’t do much else to your lips or eyes.  The focus is on your cheeks, and making them look naturally ‘flushed’.

    To achieve this look:

    1. Begin by adding a hydrating serum or oil,  and moisturizer to bare skin for a bit of added shine.

    2. You could then add a tinted moisturizer or light foundation on top to get your skin looking more even toned, and to get rid of any redness/imperfections.

    3.When creating the perfect look for cheeks, I prefer a cream blusher as it creates a more natural flushed look. A great one to try is Bobbi Brown’s “Pot Rouges” cream blushers.”  My favorite colors to work with from the line are: blushed rose, pale pink, and raspberry.

    What you do, is tab your finger into the cream blusher and then on to your hand. I like to warm the cream on my hand first, as it will go on more smoothly and there is less pulling on your skin.  Place on apple of cheeks in a quick tapping motion moving outwards toward the ear. Be sure to blend well.  I like to use a skunk brush to blend everything out seamlessly.  You could even take a bit of the color and dab it into your lips as well to harmonize the look.

    4.Keep your eyes simple. I like to use some black or dark brown liner, and mascara. That’s all!

    Bobbie Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink. Looks good on just about everyone, and lasts for ages!


    Here is a swatch of Blushed Rose, blended out on the left side.


    This is the best type of brush to use for cream blushes. I use the MAC 187. It is called a skunk brush. Its a must-have brush for me..I use it for blending out all my brushes, and even for applying foundation. Get one!














  • Skincare, Makeup & Pregnancy, Oh, My!

    June 13 / 0 Comments

    It is no surprise that pregnancy changes your body, but many women don’t know that it changes your skin as well (sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse ).  Since the hormones that effect your body also have a direct effect on your complexion,  you just don’t know what changes are in store for you until you are there (isn’t that exciting!)  Therefore, you should consider reviving your make-up and skincare routine as you progress through your pregnancy. 

    As a pregnant gal myself, I have had to change my skincare routine quite a bit since becoming pregnant. First off, my skin was usually combo/dry before getting pregnant, and all of a sudden it was a hell of a lot oilier.  I had to stop using any creams that were not oil-free or gel based, and I stopped using a hydrating serum underneath my moisturizer.  This really helped keep the oil at bay, and balance my skin more.   I really did my research to find the best product that was both hydrating, but still oil absorbing, and what I found was a moisturizer by Clinique.  I never bought a Clinique skin care product before this one, but I was going to give it a shot.  

    The moisturizer is called Moisture Surge Intense, and here is what I read about it before buying it:  “Rich, oil-free cream gel instantly rehydrates.  Skin stays comfortably plumped, even 24 hours after you put it on. Daily use helps fortify and repair skins moisture barrier to keep moisture in, environmental irritants out. Better barrier, happier skin. ”  Sounds good, right?  Well, it worked beautifully!  So good in fact my husband Zack loved it more than I did, and I had to buy another one for him;)

    $36.00 for 1.7 oz.

    At night, I found that using a cream that had glycolic acid in it (which you are allowed to use while pregnant) really helped prevent any breakouts, and kept my skin looking brighter and smoother looking.   I *swear* by glycolic acid, and love the instant results I get from using it.  It instantly reduces pore size by getting rid of the dead skin cells, and keeps your skin in tip-top-shape.  However, you must use a sunblock the next day after using it since it does make your skin more sensitive to the sun.   I use Cane + Austin Retexturizing Cream, and I  bought mine at Bluemercury. 

    $80 for 1.6 oz.

     So these two products have been a godsend for my skin, and for helping create that “inner glow” that I love to have…and who doesn’t want that glow when they are pregnant?

    As for make-up, I also had to change my routine to fit my new “oily to combo.” skin.   I also wanted something very simple to put on since I was definitely feeling more tired and crankyand the last thing I wanted to do was sit in front of the mirror applying makeup.   So, I opted for a tinted moisturizer (thank you NARS), and applied mineral powder with an spf 30 as well,  to set it.  Voila!!- My skin was not oily throughout the day, and not dry looking at all, but perfectly balanced all day long. SCORE.

    I absolutely adore NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer because it is very light, but has wonderful coverage for a t.m.  It contains spf 30, and is a treatment too (contains water from Polynesia that prevents wrinkles)…Hello Perfection.  Check it out if you have not already. They have a slew of colors for every skin tone.  I am in the shade Alaska, in case you are wondering;)


    This make-up routine has been wonderful so far this summer, and I feel like I am really protecting my skin from the sun, especially when I am outside in the heat.                        Being pregnant, you are more prone to skin related disorders, such as Melasma, or Chloasma (also known as ‘the mask of pregnacy’) which appears as a blotchy, brownish pigmentation/discoloation on the face;  and being an Esthetician, I have seen a lot of pregnant women who develop this skin disorder.  There are several known triggers for melasma, but the main one is sun exposure, which is why  I am even more careful than ever before to protect my skin from the sun during this time.  

    Here is an image of a woman with melasma:

    Pregnancy is probably not the best time to jump off the dead end and try various products, so try to resist the urge to go for a completely different look, and just embrace what you got!   You have enough changes going on in your body  and life to deal with for a while,  so opt for simplicity over complexity at this time, in my opinion at least.   Also, avoid products with harsh chemicals, including those with Vitamin A (retinol) and Mercury and its derivatives, for these can cause birth defects in large doses.

    I hope you found this post informative, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.  Thanks for stopping by!!





  • Pastel Romance 2012

    May 7 / 0 Comments

    While Spring makeup usually includes lots of color, this season it is all about pastels. From lilac and mint green eyeshadow, to petal pink cream blush, the look is ‘fresh’ as a a flower, and oh so romantic. While we have always loved this trend in theory, most of our initial reactions are: How to put on these colors without looking like you raided Barbie’s make-up stash?

    Here is some refreshing news: Pastel make-up is actually one of the easiest trends to wear, says makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez. “Since you’re not mixing any shades and you’re just applying a very simple wash of the color on your features, there’s virtually no room for error,” he says. The catch, however, is to apply pastel colors in a soft way.
    Great, so now I am totally on board… are you?

    To start, I am going to show you some new products that are making a stir in a make-up world right now, and how to use them to achieve a ‘soft, yet romantic look’ that is very wearable.

    Laura Mercier creme pastel eye color in 3 grey, lavender (mauve), and green.

    These cream shadows are so easy to apply, and give you a soft wash of color that really give you a beautiful serene, “non-makeup look”, that is fresh and soft.   If you have brown eyes, try using any of the colors, for hazel and green eyes, the mauve/lavender one is lovely as is the green shade; I imagine the grey shadow  is beautiful on blue eyes…very mod.

    P.S. Don’t forget to compliment your pastel shades with long, lush, black lashes.


    Lilac is one of the easiest pastels to wear, either on the eyes or lips, because it compliments both warm and cool tones.  By wearing lilac on your lips, you don’t have to worry about wearing any other colors or make-up on the rest of your face for that matter, just the lipstick will make you look polished.   Its a very modern, but soft look.

    Lilac lips? Its more wearable than you think… Here are a few you could try:

    Dior Addict gloss in Party Lilac

    Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Vapid (lip tar)

    If you don’t already know that blusher is the most beautifying product out there, well then now ya know.  It looks anyone look ten times fresher, more awake- in fact, lets just say prettier.

    Placement is crucial, however, you need to sweep the blush from the top of your cheekbone upwards and bring to the corner of your eyes to achieve that radiant, ethereal ‘glow’.    If you have pink undertones in your skin, try a peachy colored blush; if you have more yellow undertones, then steer towards the pale pinks this season.  Naturally, pink is the most approachable hue for most of us out there.

    Here are a few that are really worth trying out:

    NARS Gaiety- a cool toned pink.. so beautiful, and have been wearing it every single day since I got it

    Bobbi Brown cream blusher in Pale Pink. Perfectly natural looking flush.

    NARS blush in Sex Appeal. A soft, true peach that is super light but so beautiful

    All three of these makeup looks are more than just trends to me; they are gorgeous fashion statements that I hope stick around beyond spring and summer.  Hope you all try them out, and see how wearable they truly are!



  • The ‘lazy girl’ make-up routine

    April 3 / 0 Comments

    Hello people;)   I know it’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve blogged about makeup or  skin care, mainly because I have been very occupied with moving into a new apartment, working, and being pregnant,  but it’s also because I have really not been in the mood to put  much makeup on  (or any for that matter),  and I have been even more lazy when it comes to my skin care routine.

    Whatever the reasons may be, I am completely satisfied with downgrading to little to no products right now, and I think I will continue to stick to this quick, little routine.

    I will share with you guys what I have been doing morning and at night, really because there are only a few steps, which shouldn’t take long at all (when will this laziness end??!)

    Here goes:

    Morning Routine: (skincare and makeup)

    1. Bobbi Brown Brightening Serum (which I am using as a moisturizer too, since my skin has been more oily lately.

    2. NARS Tinted Moisturizer in Alaska (this stuff rocks if you haven’t tried it. Go get a sample!!)

    3. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Airbrushing Pressed Powder Spf 30 in Beige

    4.  Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer  (applied all over), and then I mix it with my MAC’s blush in Breath of Plum for my cheeks.  I’ve been lovin this mixture!  Its just enough not to have to wear any eye make-up.

    MAC Breath of Plum

    Tarte Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess

    5.  Chanel Inmitable Intense Mascara

    6. Smith’s Rosebud Salve

    Night Routine: (If Im lucky to even take my make-up off…i know, I know- I’m being bad, and I can’t help it!)

    1. Kiehl’s Blue Astringent Herbal Toner (easy, and makes my skin feel so clean and fresh)

    2. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

    3.  I like to switch every other night between Cane + Austin’s Retexturizing Moisture Cream (10% Glycolic Acid), and Lancome’s Genefique Repair Youth Activating Night Cream.

    4. My favorite eye cream,  Kiehl’s Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment.

    Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to gain some inspiration and energy soon:0


  • 5 Beauty Tips For Everyone- Looking Flawless Everyday

    February 29 / 1 Comments

    Hi guys, I thought I would share with you some quick tips and tricks for looking stunning everyday.  Anyone can follow these 5 tips that I think can help everyone look more polished, and put together, everyday.

    1. Have beautiful skin.  I know this seems really easy to say, but really, having smooth skin that is nicely hydrated makes ones appearance look a lot more put together.

    Even if you have acne, redness/blotchiness, sunspots, wrinkles, etc.. you can still wash your face with a gentle cleanser, hydrate your skin with a moisturizer, and protect it with an SPF 15+more.   Once you prep your skin, you can then go on to use your face makeup and concealer to even out your skin tone.  This is what is going to make the biggest difference overall.  This process overtime will help keep your skin balanced, smoother looking, and helps prevent the look of aging skin.

    2. Do your eyebrows.  It is crazy how much of a difference eyebrows add to your overall look.  Our eyebrows are one of the most important facial features yet many women pay little attention to them and even neglect them.   Eyebrows frame our face, adding shape and balance, helping to define our expressions and show our emotions (who would of thought eyebrows did all of that?)

    For those people who don’t have very visible eyebrows, you may wish to use pencil eyeliner or a brown eye shadow with an angle brush to make them look more visible.  By filling them in like this, you will draw a lot of attention to your eyes because you will look a lot cleaner, bolder, and more polished now.  However, if you do decide to do this, you will want to make sure that you use a light hand.

    Another important thing is knowing how to properly “shape” your eyebrows.   This is why a lot of people will choose to get their eyebrows threaded, waxed, or tweezed, to get them to be the “right” shape.  Having the right shape really will alter the look of your face. So please go to a professional if you have no idea how to shape your own eyebrows.  You will thank me later.

    3. Use Mascara.  Playing up the eyes is always important for eye-catching attention.  You may not think mascara makes that big of a difference, but it really helps define the eyes by thickening and darkening the look of your lashes. This adds a more youthful look and gives your eyes, which are the “windows to the soul”, some much needed attention.  Plus, who doesn’t love luscious, voluminous lashes?

    4.Contour and Highlight.  Contouring is one of the oldest practices in the makeup industry.  Now, you can’t even look at a model in a magazine without seeing her face contoured and highlighted.  Contouring creates a sense of balance, by slenderizing a fuller face, making a larger nose appear more slim, by creating the look of cheekbones, and more.  To contour, you must always use some shade of brown, preferably matte vs shiny, and a little deeper than your natural skin tone.   Contouring your makeup is usually applied on the temple area, nose, eyes, hollows of the cheeks, and chin area.

    Highlighting is another effect that works ‘hand in hand’ with contouring.  It helps add lightness to the areas  that are not being contoured, such as the upper cheekbones , down the bridge of the nose, foreheads, and underneath your brow bones.   This concept balances the contouring, and makes it look a lot more natural and subtle.  It is beautiful at night especially; makes you look like you are “lit’ from within”.

    5. Good Hair.   I am not saying that your hair has to be thick, long, straight, and flowing to look good, because mine is most certainly not.  But what makes hair look good is the condition it is in.  Having dry, damaged hair is not a really cute look.  So what you should do is try to use a hair mask a couple days a week, or try not to put your hot iron to it every single day.    Just having healthy, natural looking hair helps you to look more polished as well.

    Just remember: Beauty is mostly internal. Think about a girl who is overweight, yet all the guys love her. Why? Because she is confident.  If you aren’t wearing makeup, and your toes haven’t been repainted in weeks, as long as you’re happy and smiling, you will be 10 times prettier than the mopey , long haired model- type you sit next to at work.  Trust me (wink ;)


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