How to Fake A Flawless Complexion-SO easy!

So,  when it comes to applying makeup, I like to make sure I always  have my “stand by” products on me.  Serum, my number 1 favorite cosmetics products does more for my skin than anything else ever had.  Most serums add large doses of effective vitamins (i.e. vit a, e, c, and, sometimes acids to regenerate new skin cells), and the concentration of the anti-oxidants and other enzymes are much higher than in creams; which means your skin will repair itself  a lot faster.

Now, moisturizers, help to hydrate, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and even brighten the skin if it contains acids or certain brightening ingredients.  Once you are using effective products, your foundations, powders, etc.. will look better and more natural on your face.

There are a lot of great foundations and powders out there, so I am here to share some of my knowledge of the ones I have used in the past.  Right now I am using Chanel, since working for them, and I am more than thrilled with the results. The line is extremely luxurious, and make your skin feel like you just stepped out of the spa.

My main focus for myself and clients when working for Chanel or myself, is the look of flawless skin.  That comes from using effective skin care continuously. Like, not once or twice a week, but every morning and night.  After your skin started looking more alive, and vibrant, then your foundations/powders, and even blush will go on smoother and enhance your skin, not make it look more dry.

Here is a before and after picture of me not wearing anything, and wearing  Chanel Vitalumiere.  It gives light-medium coverage, with a natural finish.

Not a very good angle, haha. I am so good with my camera! NOT. ME without makeup.

Using Sephoras's Mineral Powder Brush in 45 to buff in foundation. My mouth looks puffed up because I had my whitening trays in. Mult-tasker!

I've got bangs! You couldnt see before because I had them back, but this is the final photo. Foundation applied and bangs in all its glory. Not sure what I think about them yet.? Hmmm.

I also used a powder to “set” the foundation, by Chanel called Rosee.  I mentioned it in another post, and what it does is illuminate the skin without that “sparkly” finish that is just so oily looking.

Here I am all done up for the day:

I used Chanel Winter Night Eyeshadow Quad, and Nars Oasis blush.

Its really cold out, once again, and I am down right sick of it! I do my makeup, and feel good,and then I have to walk in the bitter cold! Ugh. However, I did manage to take some pics of me in a hat that did  NOT do a good job of keeping me warm, at all.

Gosh my skin color and hair color looks so much lighter in this light. Weird. Its not that light at all.

Please  let me know if there are any looks or questions you would like to talk about? Do not hesitate to ask!!



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